Autogenic Training Course Outline

The Power of the Mind for a Mind at Peace, Emotional Balance, Physical Health and Spiritual Consciousness

We offer two Autogenic Training (AT) levels, each comprising of eight weekly sessions for a period of 2 hours.
Participation in level 1 is a prerequisite for level 2, there are no prerequisites for level 1.
In order to successfully finish the training, students have to do their own independent daily practice at home.
Home exercises are based on content covered in each session.

Level 1: Basic Autogenic Training

  • Level 1 focuses on two essential aspects: Autogenic Training and Autogenic Modification. This level is essential for mastering the standard formulas as developed by Dr. Schultz and the respective guidance sentences.
  • Autogenic Training: focuses on body symbolism and the psychological response reflex. These elements are studied and practised by using the standard formula provided by Dr. Schultz to find one’s individual inner peace. Working with Dr. Schulz’s sentences aims at creating an altered state of calm by structuring the normal happenings and surroundings of an individual; this means that individuals train themselves to be in a calm relaxed state in their daily life.
  • Autogenic Modification: the modification component of level 1 focuses on practising guidelines for personal formulas.
      • Guidance sentences (talisman sentence): These aim at improving certain physical areas (organ specific, e.g. pain management) and/or psychological dynamics (setting intentions for resolving a psychological issue, e.g. emotional disturbances).
      • Off-loading (emotionally unburdening) exercises: These help you manage anger, fear, and grief or any other entangled feelings. The exercises support the release of both current and previously suppressed emotions.

Level 2: Advanced Autogenic Inner Voice Training

  • Successful completion of level 1 is a prerequisite to take part in level 2: Advanced Autogenic Inner Voice Training.
  • Completion of level 1 enables participants to master the use of all standard formulas, and to maintain passive concentration for a period of time. The Autogenic Inner Voice Training focuses on mindful communication of the conscious and the unconscious. Each training session is designed to practice developing personal guidance sentences and prolonging the time of meditation. Sessions are composed of meditations and creative writing and drawing exercises.
  • The following four topics are covered in this level: Body symptoms and their messages; feelings and emotions; relationship issues; and spiritual awareness.