Educational Program

We offer a regular educational course of Family & Business Constellation Facilitation.

Successful completion of the two-year educational program, certifies you as a Constellation Practitioner.

 Learning Outcomes of the Educational Program:

  • Theoretical Knowledge of Family, Business/Organisational, Personal, Spiritual Constellation Work: Terminology, Dynamics, Specifications,
  • Initiation and Deepening of Intuition,
  • Ability to Practice an Empathetic and Nonjudgmental Approach,
  • Attunement into Phenomenological Field Work,
  • Communication Skills, Question and Conversation Techniques,
  • Emotional and Spiritual Self – Awareness and Growth,
  • Facilitating Groups and Individuals,
  • Working with Family Genogram Graphic.


Course Structure:

  • 12 Modules distributed over two years.
  • Modules take place over the weekend: Thursday Evenings (2.5 hours), and Fridays and Saturdays full days. Each module is followed by a one-day practice workshop, which will take place on a Friday or Saturday.
  • Study groups are recommended.
  • Seminars will be held at ‘Baraka Institute for Integrative Consciousness’ in Garden City.
  • Seminar Language: English.



Requirements for successful completion and certification are:

  • Participation in all seminars and practice days,
  • Completion of all homework assignments,
  • Submitting a 20 page thesis,
  • Presentation of case studies,
  • Supervised practice,
  • Passing the initiation into the field.


The two-year program will enable you to work in the field of self-development as a constellation practitioner. By completing the program, you will be a

“Certified Family and Business Constellation Facilitator”  by  “BARAKA Institute for Integrative Consciousness”, Maat – Consulting.


Guiding Principles and Ethics of our Educational programs:

I. Principles of Constellation Training Course:

  • Constellation work is a tool for self-awareness;
  • The constellation training course is only for the purpose of consciousness training for self-awareness;
  • The purpose of the constellation training course is purely for training purposes. Neither political nor religious purposes are connected with the training;
  • Therapeutic use of constellation work must be handled professionally and in accordance with the legislative statutes and regulations of the country it is applied within;
  • According to Egyptian law; the certification will not allow you to give medical or psychological treatment unless you have the required professional background.


II. Ethics of Constellation Training Course:

  • Constellation work shall be done only with the explicit order of the client;
  • The client shall be informed of the nature and objectives of the constellation;
  • The intention and interests of the client must be protected;
  • Constellation shall not be done for entertainment purposes;
  • All aspects of human dignity must be respected during any constellation session;
  • Confidentiality must be maintained at all times;
  • Spaces used for constellation sessions must be appropriate to the special trust relationship between the practitioner and the client.

For further details on program content and structure, please feel free to contact us.