Founder Werner J. Meinhold

H.I.T.T.® ‘Integrative Method of Depth Psychology with Conscious Hypnosis’

Werner J. Meinhold

Werner J. Meinhold was born in Germany in 1944 where he worked as a Doctor of Naturopathy. In addition, he held his doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Professional College of Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis in the USA, yet his journey led him to initiate a different hypnotic method.

In 1981, Meinhold founded the German Association for Therapeutic Hypnosis and Research of Hypnosis (GTH). The association explores the therapeutic possibilities with hypnosis and its combination with depth psychology. The prosperous development of the Association, in which Meinhold held the position of Honorary President, and his profound research and analysis since 1975, led Meinhold to register his trademark H.I.T.T.® – “Integrated Therapy of Deep Psychology with Conscious Hypnosis” – in 2001, which differs much from the common clinical hypnosis.

His approach and teachings found great interest abroad and the GTH became international. The International Federation of Integrative Depth Psychology in Therapy and Research of Hypnosis (I-GTH/INFIDEPTH) has branches in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Ecuador, Columbia, Cuba, and Mexico. This success led to the inauguration of a special professorship for Meinhold’s treatment at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador, an elite American university. Meinhold has since been guest professor at several universities around the world.

Besides his commitment to H.I.T.T.®, he received Shamanic inauguration in Asia and South America. In 2004, the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia elected him Professional of the Year.

Meinhold wrote several books and articles and was perceived as authority by the press, media and television. His widespread respect and recognition led him to his invitation to conduct lectures, seminars and workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Russia, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Columbia, Cuba and Egypt.