Hypnosis – What is H.I.T.T.®?

H.I.T.T.® is an integrative depth psychology approach applying conscious hypnosis.

It was founded by the German Naturopathic Physician Werner Meinhold. This method is based on the philosophy of evolution, findings of the unconscious, awareness of transfer and counter transfer processes, and the integration of all personal aspects according to the world view and values of the person in hypnosis.

The approach can be applied in two settings: focal and life analysis in hypnosis.

Focal Analysis in Hypnosis

Here a hypnotic state is induced to place focus on a certain topic or issue in the client’s life which is problematic to them. Different aspects of the focus can be looked at and new ways of handling can be seen and felt. This kind of approach is recommended when a person has a psychological and emotional healthy life style and the issue in question does not originate from their childhood. More complex and early life issues need to be addressed appropriately through Life Analysis in Hypnosis. If the assessment and processing of an issue is done too quickly, important aspects for self-development can be missed.

Life Analysis in Hypnosis

This approach addresses the clients whole life, each session will focus on one year of life. Beginning from the persons age when they start the analysis and going backwards year by year.

This process is very gentle and makes it possible for the person to connect to the unconscious part of themselves, which is essential for self-knowledge and transformation.

During, any decision-making process there are around 2000 neurons consciously activated in our brain, unconsciously however, 4 billion neurons are activated. This means we are driven by our unconscious where suppressed feelings and denied parts of our personality are located. A state of suppressing ourselves and our emotions is a self-defence mechanism activated automatically in difficult childhood situations.

Any situation of danger or threat in our childhood (e.g. absent mother, emotional or physical abuse, accidents and injuries), result in psychological and emotional imprints that, unless appropriately processed and healed, accompany us for life. A misconception that such moments are forgotten and hence not an issue in a person’s life is common.

However, most of our emotions and psychological tendencies (e.g. fear, sadness, anger) are the result of unprocessed childhood events. Through a year by year approach, a safe and secure frame is created to address the origins of our emotional dynamics.  In each session, an integral part of self-healing and knowledge takes place consciously and in accordance with the person’s pace and values. The aim of this kind of hypnosis is to become free from any foreign manipulation and influence. There is no dependency on the hypnotist.