Constellation Work in Businesses and Organizations

What it is

Bert Hellinger’s systemic philosophy is adopted to address business and organisational issues. The constellation approach is based on the philosophy that each person in the work system contributes to and participates in the organisation’s success.

Disturbances often start when people don’t act according to the position they are holding. Misunderstandings take place when no common language is found. Training’s such as team building, soft skills, leadership, management, and time management can be helpful, but only to a certain extent. Whilst theory can be well understood, practice is often challenging for individuals to implement.

The ability to make profound sustainable changes within a person and the system can be challenging, however when the full potential of individuals is reached and embedded within the organisational system, success can easily be reached. The ability to make in-depth changes needs a new way of thinking and a novice approach to daily life at work.

Work systems are complex and have their own dynamics, hence changes must be made possible within this complexity. This is only possible when each person is aware of the hidden mechanisms creating disturbances in the system.

Our training starts with an in-depth exploration of those mechanisms as we teach the philosophy behind them, and create an atmosphere where change is possible by experiencing it practically.

Our business constellation concept is designed to create possibilities for change, which can be consciously felt by individuals. Success is initiated, maintained and sustained.  Therefore, our approach is tailored and adapted according to the needs of your success. 

The process includes a paradigm shift, where a solution-oriented approach is adopted to shift from an ‘either – or’ bottleneck situation, to an ‘as well as, and more’ solution. Many traditional approaches are limited to supporting a choice between the ‘either – or’ options. The diversity of possibilities lies within the diversity of the team, where each person can prosper and create success.