Family Constellation

Group Workshops and Individual Settings

Constellation work first became popular as group work; however, individual settings quickly became an established method for self-awareness and personal development.

Both group workshops and individual sessions are equally effective and important approaches that create visual access to inner emotional and psychological dynamics.

Every constellation is a process of self-perception; it is about transitioning from words or inner images to actions, a process of visualised change. Placing the inner image, using either representatives from the group, or in the individual setting, materials like mats or wooden figures, makes it possible to perceive the inner image from different perspectives.

Within a group workshop, the different aspects of the situation causing a challenging issue are represented by role players. It is generally not necessary in constellation work for the whole family to be present.  The role players act out the roles not knowing who they represent.

The process of acting out goes according to what the role expresses and intuitively communicates. This is explainable through the findings of Rupert Sheldrade’s “Knowing Field” and is confirmed by quantum theory since the double slit experiment proves that connections beyond space and time are possible.

The facilitator accompanies the process; this includes certain movements and saying certain sentences until a solution is found. This emotional workout is partly done by the role players while the client observes the process, eventually, the client enters the field.

To ensure privacy during a group workshop, the client is invited to a private talk with the facilitator before starting. Not all aspects or roles must be revealed in front of the group.

In the individual setting, different materials are used to represent the inner images.

The following materials and objects have been proven useful: chairs, shoes, mats, paper, stones and wood.

The special aspect of an individual session lies in the fact that the client has to do all the steps and go through all the emotions on their own without other role representatives.

Sometimes it can be easier for the client if role players do the emotional workout and they have the chance to observe. Sometimes it is easier to come to an individual session if the client feels that they are more comfortable sharing information only with the facilitator.

Coming to the group workshop gives one the opportunity to hear more about the philosophy of the dynamics that run in families. The act of playing roles within a safe environment connects each player with a deeper insight of themselves and paves the way for change, without even having an own constellation placed.

Each person will find the suitable approach at the right time, please feel free to contact us for more information.