Family Constellation – Who will benefit?

In a nutshell, anyone who has any kind of problem or needs to make a decision can benefit from Constellation Work. Unfortunately, over our lifetime, we become used to silently suffering, and too often seems easier to go on suffering than to try something new.

The new is unknown, and anything that is unknown often makes us fearful at first. Timing is an important factor, if the problem is burning or time is running out for a decision; there will be more energy and willpower for a solution.

However, constellation work is not a replacement for traditional counselling or psychotherapy; rather, it serves as another dimension of understanding.


Problems can vary from sever issues such as:

  • Persistent emotional symptoms: rage, not belonging, isolation, feeling stuck or weighed down in life, not able to be oneself.


But also, daily life situations:

  • Marital problems,
  • Bottleneck point in individual therapy,
  • Life patterns that seem resistant to change,
  • Accident proneness,
  • Issues that frighten or plague one’s emotions,
  • Family issues like children being aggressive at school, stuttering, or sibling conflicts,
  • Professional related situations like not getting promoted, problems with colleagues or the boss, changing work place,
  • Moving to another country,
  • Unhappy or unhealthy relationships.