Who we are

The Founder

Baraka Karin Maatwk

Baraka Karin Maatwk of German origin, is the founder of ‘BARAKA Institute for Integrative Consciousness’.
Maat-Consulting is the legal entity for the institute.

Her life’s journey saw her begin her career as a Physiotherapist for around 20 years before she became inspired by Constellation work as developed by Bert Hellinger. Constellation work aims for a holistic point of view to the connections between body, soul, and mind.

She was trained in Family Constellation for three years by one of Hellinger’s second generation students and continued advanced training with Hellinger himself.

In parallel to constellation work, Baraka has successfully completed a two-year diploma from the Swiss Association for Therapeutic Hypnosis and Hypnosis Research e.V. (GTH, H.I.T.T. ®) with double focus certifications; Life & Focal Analysis in Hypnosis founded by Werner Meinhold and Autogenic Training, a German established relaxation technique founded by Dr. Johannes Schultz.


Maat Consulting

Known as ‘BARAKA – Institute for Integrative Consciousness’               

Based on several years of experience in the field, Maat Consulting was established in 2016 and offers different international and national educations in the field of self- development, intercultural training and community development based on integrative consciousness.

Maat Consulting provides profound teaching of Integrative Consciousness and employs methods to facilitate in-depth emotional and spiritual experiences for individuals, groups, businesses and educational institutions.