Constellation Work for Businesses and Organizations

How it works and for what purpose

Adopting a systemic constellation philosophy in consultancy goes beyond the common cognitive consultancy and includes a visual procedure either as a kind of role play or in an individual setting by placing objects into relation with each other.

The word ‘constellation’ literally means ‘a collection of people or objects that stand together to form a pattern’. It creates a pattern or ‘map/set up’ made up of workshop participants or objects, which represent the elements of the business, team or any other issue being explored.

Business constellation How it work

While seeing this set up, a novice understanding of the whole situation occurs, and different perspectives can be seen.  The complexity of a situation can be broken down into smaller steps to resolve the challenge. The facilitator guides towards uncovering the hidden roots of an obstacle and helps with finding a customised individual solution so that change is possible.

Through in-depth exploration, the facilitator offers a comprehensive set of facts and options of sustainable solutions available to the leaders and their teams.  The constellation approach has been useful in many business settings including large and small organisations, non- profit organisations, solo- entrepreneurs, and family owned and run businesses as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Issues that can be addressed through systemic constellation consultancy are diverse and often complexly intertwined.

The process for developing a sustainable corporate culture provides an opportunity to:

  •  Uncover underlying patterns and dynamics which can weaken the organisation as a whole;
  •  Enhance interpersonal skills such as communication and conflict resolution between all involved stakeholders, leaders, colleagues, customers, partners, etc…
  •  Optimize decision making processes through clear communication and strengthened team bonds;
  •  Initiate a mindset of success amongst involved stakeholders, thereby focusing on goal achievement, whilst working with an elevated team spirit;
  •  Ensures that the changes needed by the organisation and the team are sustainable and visibly implemented.

There are different options for the process of doing constellation work within an organisation of any kind; steps can include a whole team or just representatives of different departments as well as individuals of certain key positions. In individual settings different materials/objects are used for making the problematic situation visible.

Certain steps can be tried out before being taken. This allows for insights into hidden and unfamiliar dynamics that are hindering the flow of success.

Decisions can be made visible through exploring their consequences, related triggers can be detected and transformed into positive constructive communication, and team work can be turned into dream work so that the creative potential of each individual can be used for the common good of all involved.