Our Philosophy


Consciousness is the understanding of the knowledge constituting concepts of life. Our integrative approach bridges the realms of science, meta-physics, philosophy, depth psychology and spirituality.


Our mission is to offer the experience and study of an integrative consciousness for human development. Our educational training is designed for students to develop their own integrative consciousness as well as support their clients by using the tools we teach. We create a space to bridge theory and practice, to create and facilitate a healthy and sustainable community for individuals as well as for organisations.


Consciousness is the knowledge of the existence of being. An integrative consciousness means connecting all facets of life; philosophy, depth psychology, spirituality, science and metaphysics. Our mission is to educate people about Integrative Consciousness for human development.  We offer workshops, seminars and provide training for individuals and organisations. Our place is a place for studying, researching and practising Integrative Consciousness. We offer a space to deepen fundamental knowledge and experience it in practice; thereby bridging the two worlds of theory and practice.

Our aim is to connect teachers, students and researchers on an international level and enrich every individual’s experience and knowledge by being a hub for Integrative Consciousness. We facilitate their interaction and networking, and actively support knowledge exchange.